Fall & Winter

The following is a general overview of the regular winter season skating times for every group. Please refer to the calendar for specific times on a weekly basis. Please contact the registrar to find out which skating group you are in and for registration information.

Note: Ice times may be slightly shorter if there are not enough volunteers to quickly move the safety mats onto or off the ice; parents are encouraged to volunteer. Ice times include necessary floods plus mats on and off the ice.

Toronto Speed Skating Club, 2019-2020 Fall & Winter Season


ITSS:           Intro to Speed Skate program
Group 1:         Advanced Youth
Group 2:         Intermediate Youth
Group 3:         Development Youth
Group 4:         Advanced Adults
Group 5:         Beginner Youth
Group 6:         Beginner/Intermediate Adult
Group 7:         Development older youth skaters

Fees: 2019-2020 Winter Season

1. TSSC Fee:


2. OSSA Fee:


3. Equipment Rental Fees