Canada Games Update: Toronto skaters steer Ontario to a Silver medal in the Men’s Relay!!!

Last week’s Canada Winter Games in Prince George was a exciting affair for our young Toronto skaters and the boarder Ontario contingent.

Having sent five of the ten skaters in the Short Track competition, people were looking to the Toronto skaters to see what impact they could make.

Faced with a very strong Quebec team that dominated the competition (Quebec swept every individual medal), the Toronto skaters did really well!

The highlight for team Ontario was the Silver medal in the Men’s 3000 metre Relay, which was the only Ontario medal at the meet. Our Toronto skaters Gibson H, Nils E and Aidan P were key players in the five member team that won that medal.

From an individual perspective the Toronto skaters skated really well, showed grit and determination and came away with their heads held high.

The best performance came from Renee S (Brampton skater, but trains full time at Toronto) who can 4th in three individual distances (500, 1000, 1500) and 5th in the 3000. Renee was unfortuanate not to medal and with a little luck could have come home much more decorated.

Gibson H skated really well thoughout the meet and also had a strong individual medal opportunity, coming 4th in the 1500. Gibson also came 6th in the 3000, 8th in the 500 and 9th in the 1000.

Aidan P, coming in as a last minute substitution, had a good meet, registering 10th place finishes in the 1000 and 1500, 11th in the 3000 and 16th in the 500.

Nils E had a spirited meet with a strong performance in the 500, finishing 9th overall. Nils also finshed 11th in the 1000, 16th in the 3000 and 18th in the 1500.

Finally Ayanna B worked on continuing to learn to compete at this level. Ayanna had finishes of 13th in the 500, 15th in the 1000, 17th in the 3000 and 31st in the 1500.

Congratulations to your performances. You have made the club, and the entire province proud!