Great results from the KW Western Regional #1 meet

Wow what a weekend!
Lots of long distances, lots of skaters, and lots of good racing.

The Toronto skaters as a group were awesome, many PB’s and top 3 finishes. Eren R, Ethan O, Leo Z, Luka M-S, Marco Z, Tsubasa K, Zachary A and Vanessa all were top 3 and had great races.

Luka was sub 60 on 500 and sub 2min on 1000. Marco Z sub 60 on 500. Mika PB’d on 500 was on her way to a big PB on 1500 but fell. Ethan, Megan, Drake, and Marco F all PB’d on the 500. As a whole the summer work the skaters have done really showed.