New To Racing

Racing: What to expect

Days before the race:

  • Skaters need to get enough sleep, go to bed early.
  • Check and sharpen skates before last practice.

Check equipment:

  • Speed skating helmet
  • Race number / helmet cover
  • Glasses with strap
  • Neck guard
  • Skin suit or athletic pants and top ( no skin exposed ) Gloves Ankle guard Skate guards


  • Healthy snacks and lunch
  • Water
  • No junk food please, keep your athlete well fueled  with easy to digest whole foods.  Expect them to eat a lot

When you arrive:

  • Skaters should be at the arena by 7:15 for on ice warm ups that start at 8:00.
  • Find the TSSC change room
  • Check the race order to find your racing group.
  • Skaters should do an off ice warm up.
  • Once you know your group you then need to check you warm-up time.  Many groups go out together for 6mins.  This warm up is to feel the ice and start to get the skaters’ bodies ready to race.  They should do some slow laps FIRST, followed by some accels, then starts LAST.
  • After warm up take off skates, dry them, check blades.
  • Race orders usually start with the fastest groups.

During the racing day:

  • Keep track of what is happening on the ice, it is your responsibility to get to your race on time.
  • Skaters should rest between races, quiet activities in the change room or watch the racing — no tag games please!!  Studies suggest cognitive work before sports slows performance.  If they have the option, this isn’t the time to do homework.

40 min before a race:

  • Go to the washroom
  • Do an off ice warmup
  • Skates and all equipment on
  • Head to the marshaling area
  • Have a GREAT RACE

Awards are presented at the end of the day, please stay to congratulate all the racers and especially if you have place in the top 3 overall in your category.