Skater preparations for the season – Group 1 & 2


All skaters will be sent a survey soon to discuss skating goals and preparations. You will be asked to bring this survey completed with you on September 6th when you come for the Opening BBQ.

You in particular will be asked for certain information that will help the coaches plan for you.

Between now and September 6th, please keep a diary of your training activities. Simply use an online calendar or use a Word calendar. This diary does not need to be detailed, but should track your activities, and your rest.

If you want to do more, keep track of your mood, how your body is feeling and your nutrition. Use a scale of 1(low) -4 (high) to describe mood, your body, and how well you feel you ate on a given day.

There is one more piece of information that is very useful for you and for us: your resting heart rate. Please track your resting heart rate daily and mark it on your calendar. Having this information now can help us track if you are training within your appropriate range through the season.

Measure your resting heart rate as soon as you wake up and before you get out of bed. Count for 10 seconds and multiply the number of beats by 6. You can find your heart beat by your heart, your throat or your wrist.

Your coaches are looking forward to working with you this season.