Toronto Invitational by Moneris – Final Results

Congratualtions to all the skaters who skated the Toronto Short Track Invitational by Moneris on Saturday August 30th 2014.

The racing at the meet was dynamic and fast, and the audience stayed enthralled with compelling racing! Stay tuned for the upcoming Rogers TV broadcast that should be aired either Saturday September 6th or Sunday September 7th!

The big winners at the meet were

Fastest 500 m skated on the day

  • Male: William Preudhome
  • Female: Renee Steenge

Fastest 1500 m race skated on the day

  • Male: William Preudhomme, Maxime St Jules, Alex Hale, Alphonse Ouimette, Gibson Himbeault, Nils Engholm
  • Female: Innzbruk Richards, Renee Steenge, Ayanna Badali, Juliette Brindamour, Erin Stewart, Hannah Kassenaar

Here is the final race protocol: Invitational-Race-Protocol—Final-results-updated.pdf