Week 1 of summer camp goes really well!

96 skaters attended the sold out 1st week of the Toronto Speed Skating Summer camp, and by all accounts skaters got a ton from the experience.

The camp was attended by skaters from 17 Ontario clubs, 4 Quebec clubs, 1 US club and from Nunavat!

A special thank you to our week 1 coaching team: Steve Robillard, Gabriel Girard, Cameron Boyd, Elizabeth Ward, Dawn Drummond Hill, Jerome Boisvert Lacroix, Kevin Sun, Jesse London Wallace and camp councillor Annika Engholm.

Skaters are already looking forward to week 2, which should be even better than the 1st week!

The week 2 coaching team will include national team members Valerie Maltais and Olivier Jean, as well as William Preudhomme and Will Wallace!